Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

Internal auditing does not only involve compliance measurement against the entity's policies and procedures. Its tasks also involve advising the senior management and Board of Directors (or other similar oversight group) on how to better execute their responsibilities. We provide value to senior management and governing bodies as an objective basis of independent advice.

Internal auditing professional standards require the function to supervise and measure the strength of the organization's risk management processes. Risk management should be embedded within an organisation to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the organization and protecting the organization against risk.

If your business is currently concerned about:

  • Complying with corporate governance requirements.
  • Reviewing organisations' processes improvement.
  • Assessing your organisation's Enterprise Risk Management ("ERM") system against good practices and risk management compliance requirements.
  • Developing an ERM system.
  • Reviewing internal audit function in assessing its function, practices and board of directors' expectations.
  • Looking to outsource and/or co-source internal audit function to complement in-house resources.
  • Improving or streamlining internal controls.

Our experience and reputation of highly competent, objective and authoritative financial expertise make us an excellent choice to assist you.

Our Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance team is people focused and Partner-led. Our experts understand the importance of developing close relationships with all our clients. We strive to understand your business objectives and, by doing so, we can provide appropriate compliance services and ensure that your organization strives for business growth and sustainable organisational success.


We are able to assist you with a full range of Forensic, Litigation, and Compliance matters, including:

  • Providing advisory services which include corporate governance, risk-based internal audit, quality assurance review and Sarbanes-Oxley advisory services.
  • Support organisation to achieve economical advantages by providing compliance services to build controls and processes that add value.
  • Assist organisations to develop its corporate governance practices, internal control and risk management systems to manage risk and establishing its internal audit function to concentrate on strategic and operational issues.


UHY has teams of experienced forensic accountants and technical specialists. UHY's FLVS, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Group supports clients in safeguarding their brand value and reputation while preserving revenue and assets.

Our new FLVS, Internal Audit & Risk Compliance division is the first of its kind in Malaysia and is built around shared expertise with UHY Advisors (USA) who have handled landmark cases including forensic audit for Enron Corporation, Tyco International Ltd, Parmalat, and Dynergy Inc.