Distressed assets, advisory & management

    UHY has quality experience handling all three types of liquidation:

  • (i) Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation – Applicable for an insolvent company
  • (ii) Members' Voluntary Liquidation – Applicable for a solvent company
  • (iii) Liquidation by Court – Application to the Court is filed by a creditor of an insolvent company
  • Our professional team can assist in all stages of the liquidation process. We regularly act as a liquidator in court appointed capacity, for both solvent and insolvent companies. We help initiating and finalising liquidations in a timely and appropriate manner. Our main objectives are to maximise returns on divest assets and to achieve rapid payouts, to manage the inherent legal risks, and to invest in reliable expert support to recover the value. Our services are client-oriented with the intended goal of improving clients' businesses and operations.


    Things don't always go according to plan. Occasionally the credit extended by our clients doesn't perform as well as expected or financial problems arise, or a need may arise to collect material amount of a debt. This will lead the company's lenders or creditors to exercise their rights to appoint a Receiver and/or Manager, to deal or dispose of the company's assets and/or the business in order to settle the debts owing to them.

    Our Distressed Assets, Advisory and Management team specialises in receivership and is dedicated to assisting troubled companies from planning to delivery stage. Our Receivership services are aimed at realizing charged assets to the best advantage of the debenture holder, take control of charged assets, secure the company's assets, books and records, and taking control of bank accounts. We act as the Receiver and/or Manager to the Court, the lenders or any stakeholders who intend to exercise or protect their rights to the affected company's assets. We have the experience in undertaking such assignments on behalf of the affected stakeholders and the Court. We also ensure that the right approach is pursued, so that maximum recovery of the Debenture Holder from disposal of the charged assets of the lender can be achieved from the receivership, effectively and efficiently.


    We are able to assist you in all areas of Distressed Assets, Advisory and Management, including: 

  • Members' or Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation
  • Liquidation by Court
  • Receivership by Court
  • Receivership by Debenture
  • Scheme Adviser
  • Special Administration


Our Distressed Assets, Advisory and Management (DAAM) team is a well-balanced multi-disciplinary team. With our expertise, knowledge, professionalism and experience and a network of people with competent technical skills in Malaysia and abroad, UHY is able to provide support throughout Malaysia efficiently and cost effectively.

It is within our values to provide personal hands-on service to all our clients, with a high level of partner involvement. We have many years of experience and are able to provide up-to-date advice to assist both individuals and companies facing financial difficulties.