About us

Our Philosophy

UHY strives to be the Best Accounting Firm to work for! It is incorporated in our permanent Human Capital policy that UHY helps its team to achieve good balance between their life and career, enjoy benefits above their industry peers, while attain lifelong professional development opportunities through the Firm's Career Development programs.

As one of the leading firms in Malaysia, we believe that our passion for excellence in the work we do goes beyond numbers.

Our Passion for service and our "client first" attitude drives our staff (or what we call our 'Superstars') commitment towards meeting the needs of their clients, assisting the client to improve their business and financial endeavors, within our code of ethics and the law.

The following principles help to enshrine our Passion Beyond Numbers:

Professional Advisor: We believe in being an advisor who listens to your concerns, returns your calls, shares best practices, offers alternatives, helps you weigh pros and cons, and trustworthy. Our advisors are true professionals and clients will find them personally committed to delivering results that work for them.

Responsive and Reliability: We put much emphasis in ensuring good client servicing. Clients count on us to be accurate, thorough, honest, on time and on point. Our Superstars understand the importance of being responsive and reliable.

Integrity and Quality: Quality in the work we do is a value enshrined by our International network. Professional integrity is a value that is instilled amongst our members to do what's right and to advice our clients accordingly.

Professional Expertise: We're proud of the intelligence, credentials, diversity of professional specialisations, experience and business savvy of our Superstars. The team behind your servicing Partner / Director has a broad base of skills and knowledge to evaluate, advise and deliver solutions for you.

Innovative: We always seek to innovate improvements and provide value-added advice that is sound and ethical. We share the best practices, ideas and alternative approaches principled through innovation.