Forensic, litigation & valuation services

We understand the importance of accountability and governance in meeting business stakeholders' expectations. From our business experience, we can help identify blind spots and remove the complexity in transactions.

We work with you to overcome challenges from the impact of unpredictable events, accountability, governance and transparency. Our practice brings together skilled and experienced professionals to manage your needs. Our team works with you to deal with challenges in risk, compliance and transactions.

Business is increasingly fraught with risks and competitive pressures giving rise to instances of fraud. Malaysia has been relatively sheltered from this in the past but as we globalise and expand our economy to previously unprecedented heights there can be no doubt that we will have our share of the world's two trillion dollar fraudulent transactions.

With the increase of complexity of business litigation, corporate crime, money laundering and terrorist financing with accounts and finance, there is growing need for forensic accountants to combat fraud. In addition, this needs to be supported by reliable valuation and litigation work, such as determining the damages estimates in dispute, as in a breach of agreements or commercial dispute arising from different views or opinions.

If your business is currently concerned about:

Whistleblower allegations from employees, customers and suppliers

  • Fraud or irregularities issues relating to accounting records, sales and payment systems or forged business documentation.
  • Acquisition of the company and its management.
  • Suspicious license infringements by licensee or intellectual property taken advantage by non-licensed parties or Business.
  • Other key processes that is critical to your business areas.
  • UHY's Forensic, Litigation, and Valuation Services (FLVS) Group can offer an excellent choice for those who require professional resources and responsive, knowledgeable help.


We are able to assist you with a full range of Forensic, Litigation, and Compliance matters, including:

  • Investigate and manage exposure relating to fraud and other matters of irregularities.
  • Assess the acquisition target's corporate governance practices, management style and business transaction activities.
  • Review licensing, contracts and intellectual property engagements.
  • Address your organisations' risk and exposure to fraud.
  • Obtain, gather, analyse and present findings in a format admissible in litigation or in a civil or criminal investigation.
  • Our goal is to help you clarify complex financial matters in an organized and efficient manner.


UHY have teams of experienced forensic accountants and technical specialists. UHY's FLVS, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Group supports clients in safeguarding their brand value and reputation while preserve revenue and assets.

Our new FLVS, Internal Audit & Risk Compliance division is the first of its kind in Malaysia and is built around shared expertise with UHY Advisors (USA) who has handled landmark cases including the forensic audit for Enron Corporation, Tyco International Ltd, Parmalat, and Dynergy Inc.